[swift-dev] Policy on the use of clang-format

Omeed Safaee-Rad admin at beltex.me
Mon Apr 4 21:18:04 CDT 2016

Hello Swift! :)

First off, thank you for the wonderful project!

I noticed that a number of C++ files in the Swift compiler could use a pass of clang-format. What is the general policy on this? Given that clang-format can be invasive (affecting commit history - `git blame` that is), my understanding is that it’s use is on a case by case basis (if a file has a short history for example). Noticed this reasoning in a recent commit message (d03539c1277f4379d17afb6712bebc2c7ddf789a). If there is interest for such pull request(s), how should they be split up? Per file?



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