[swift-dev] ObjC Interoperability under armv7--linux-gnueabi

Iliya Trub itrub at yandex.ru
Tue Mar 29 15:03:36 CDT 2016

Dear colleagues
Ihave built swiftc, libswiftCore.so and other outputs under armv7--linux-gnueabi with open source ObjC-runtime and enabled ObjC interop. I linked the simplest swift-application, which creates the instance of custom ObjC-class and call instance-method of it. If somebody interested, I am ready to provide patches, though I know that it can not be included into upstream. But there is not success yet. When I try to run application under armv7l-linux, I get following error:

Error: Instance variables in _SwiftNativeNSArrayBase overlap superclass 
NSArray.  Offset of first instance variable, __magic_refCount, is 4.  
Last instance variable in superclass, _sortedArrayHint, ends at offset 
8.  This probably means that you are subclassing aclass from a library, 
which has changed in a binary-incompatibleway.

Could anybody explain it? I think, it is explained by some difference between NSArray-implementation in XCode framework and in my opensource library. Is it true? And in what way I can try to fix it? May be, to modify my NSArray-source, but how?
Thanks in advance for answer.

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