[swift-dev] missing SwiftShims when building Swift

Bryan Chan bryan.chan at ca.ibm.com
Wed Mar 2 15:20:13 CST 2016

I ran into this error a couple of times when building Swift on X86:

/home/bryanpkc/swift/swift/stdlib/public/core/ArrayBody.swift:18:8: error:
opening import file for module 'SwiftShims': No such file or directory
import SwiftShims
[487/524] Generating UnicodeExtendedGraphemeClusters.cpp from
UnicodeExtendedGraphemeClusters.cpp.gyb with ptr size = 8
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.

My invocation to build is (I am using clang and LLVM trunk):

./utils/build-script -c -r -t -- --reconfigure --use-gold-linker

The last time I saw this, I updated the source and re-ran a clean build,
and it actually finished; I couldn't identify what had changed. But the
problem seems to come and go randomly. Has any one seen this, and how can I
debug it?

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