[swift-dev] SR-122 / CollectionsMoveIndices.swift Prototype

Shawn Erickson shawnce at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 11:57:54 CST 2016

First I see that Dmitri G. appears to be most involved with this yet in the
other thread I see Dmitri H. being copied. So which/both of you involved
with this effort? ...or are you one and the same given the similarity of
the name? /me hopes he doesn't look like a total idiot now

Second given commit access limits it may make sense for those of us on the
"outside" to work in same fork (e.g. added as collaborators)? It may help
avoid pull request overhead between us while work is underway? My github
identity is "shawnce". I have a fork created
https://github.com/shawnce/swift if so desired to use that as the sandbox
(set default branch to swift-3-indexing-model). ...looking for guidance on
how best to make things work efficiently.

I am digging into
understand the scope of the work involved.

Anyway I am looking at the current state of the code and I see things like
the following...
   @available(*, unavailable, renamed="MutableCollection")
    public typealias MutableCollectionType = MutableCollection
...so it looks like the use of Type is being dropped in the updated naming
methodology? So this obviously implies... right?
//     [new]   protocol BidirectionalCollection : Collection {}
//     [new]   protocol RandomAccessCollection : BidirectionalCollection

I expect additional – hopefully less mundane :) – questions to popup as I
dig into things.


As reference Dave outlined the following in the other email thread...
Okay, I've up a branch for you guys: swift-3-indexing-model.

* You can submit pull requests against that.

* There are corresponding branches in the swift-llvm and swift-clang
  repos that this branch will build/test against.

* The branch is based on swift-3-api-guidelines, where we're doing all
  the renaming work associated with the new guidelines; we expect to
  merge that branch into master in a few days, so basing the indexing model
  work on it should reduce conflicts when we merge this work.

Most of the stdlib team is currently occupied with other fires, but we
want to move on to work on this ASAP.  If it's possible for you guys to
get it started in the meantime, that would be truly awesome.
Unfortunately the hardest part is right at the beginning.

The first step is to make the minimal changes required to get the
standard library to build after replacing the Collection protocol with
the three shown in the prototype.  That step may not be very
parallelizable and might require either close coordination or for one of
you to do it alone.  Tests will be horribly broken at this point, and
you may have even commented out parts of the standard library, so this
step requires intestinal fortitude.

If parts of the library have been disabled in step 1, next you can split
up the work of getting the whole library to work.

At this point you should be able to mark the old Index protocols
@unavailable and move on to fixing tests.
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