[swift-dev] Glibc struct sigaction and sigaction

Joseph Bell joe at iachieved.it
Sun Jan 10 23:01:15 CST 2016

Not sure if anyone has ran into this use case before; thought I'd ask.

On many Unices the sigaction function is used to trap receipt of a signal
and run a signal handler action.  I want to use this to trap SIGINT and I
think Swift's presentation of Glibc is leaving the struct sigaction
definition masked by the function definition (see man 2 sigaction).


import Glibc

enum Signal: Int32 {
  case HUP    = 1
  case INT    = 2
  case QUIT   = 3
  case ABRT   = 6
  case KILL   = 9
  case ALRM   = 14
  case TERM   = 15

typealias SignalHandler = (Int) -> Void

func trap(signal:Signal, action:SignalHandler) {
  var act:sigaction = sigaction() // would expect this to be struct
  act.sa_handler = &action        // but woe, it is not
  sigaction(signal.rawValue, &act, nil)

trap(.INT) { signal in
  print("Intercepted signal \(signal)")

print("going to sleep...")

This code gives:

sighandle.swift:17:3: error: value of type 'sigaction' has no member
  act.sa_handler = &action        // but woe, it is not

Any ideas of working around this or alternative approach to trapping
signals on Linux with Swift?


Credit for original to Adam Sharp's gist at

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