[swift-dev] Swift C enum Case Mapping

Ryan Lovelett swift-dev at ryan.lovelett.me
Sun Jan 10 15:06:53 CST 2016

I've successfully(?) imported C enum that is defined as:

typedef enum fe_type {
} fe_type_t;

I wanted this enum to conform to `CustomStringConvertible` so I added
the following extension:

extension fe_type: CustomStringConvertible {
  var description: String {
    switch self {
    case .FE_QPSK: return "QPSK"
    case .FE_QAM: return "QAM"
    case .FE_OFDM: return "OFDM"
    case .FE_ATSC: return "ATSC"

Unfortunately this does not compile successfully. The compiler states
that "enum case 'FE_QPSK' not found in type 'fe_type'" (and repeats for
all the cases). Does that mean that fe_type is _NOT_ an enum in Swift?
If it is how can I determine what Swift imported the case names as?

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