[swift-dev] LLDB Invalid address (32 bit arm)

William Dillon william at housedillon.com
Thu Dec 24 17:03:29 CST 2015

Hi all,

I’m working on addressing issues that are preventing lldb from compiling on 32-bit arm platforms.  Many warnings are generated by the definition of LLDB_INVALID_ADDRESS as UINT64_MAX.  Ultimately, it stems from the fact that size_t is 32 bits, which changes it to the value to UINT32_MAX (4294967295).  Is it appropriate to define LLDB_INVALID_ADDRESS to be UINT32_MAX on 32-bit platforms and UINT64_MAX on 64-bit platforms, or should I change the references to size_t to an explicitly 64-bit type (such as uint64_t) on all platforms?

- Will

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