[swift-dev] Trouble minimizing test case: code completion

Drew Crawford drew at sealedabstract.com
Sat Dec 12 00:43:30 CST 2015

I'm experiencing a bug where code completion from an OSX framework target is not available in its test target.  I'm trying to report this in the tracker, but I'm having trouble minimizing the test case.

Where I'm at:

I have minimized the project down to 800LOC, but it is still too big to post publicly (or even privately, really).  The problem seems to be that minimizing further prevents the bug from occurring at all.  Even small minimizations, like removing a comment, seem to lose the bug.

My (completely unsubstantiated) theory is that I am hitting some kind of "exponential cliff", where code completion is some O(f(n)) for f a very bad function, but by reducing the n just a few lines of code, f(n) becomes computable again.

I'm wondering if anyone has other suggestions for minimizing the test case, or other diagnostic data that may shed light, as I am at a dead end here.


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