[swift-dev] [SR-40] Port Swift to Arm progress / question

Nick Wellnhofer wellnhofer at aevum.de
Wed Dec 9 12:05:10 CST 2015

On 09/12/2015 18:55, Nick Wellnhofer via swift-dev wrote:
>> Is there a better way to get that symbol, and why wasn’t this a problem for
>> x86_64?
> AFAICS, this is a problem for x86_64 Linux. It's not a problem on Apple
> platforms, because there C++ binaries are linked with compiler-rt instead of
> the GCC runtime.

Ah, you probably meant why __mulodi4 isn't a problem on x86_64 Linux. I think 
that's because it's defined by the 64-bit GCC runtime. (clang on Linux uses 
the GCC runtime AFAIK.)


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