[swift-dev] Continuous Integration on Swift.org projects

Brad Erickson brad at eosrei.net
Mon Dec 7 14:49:19 CST 2015

I'm hoping to get an ETA or learn the plan for enabling Continuous
integration on swift.org projects. It's listed as coming soon on the
website. Unit tests and builds are being broken by current untested merges.
I submitted a "testing the waters" travis-ci enabling PR on
swift-package-manager, but it was quickly closed. The current failures for
a fresh check out on Ubuntu 14.04:

Failing Tests (7):
    Swift :: IRGen/generic_tuples.swift
    Swift :: IRGen/multithread_module.swift
    Swift :: SILPasses/dead_function_elimination.swift
    Swift :: SILPasses/devirt_default_case.swift
    Swift :: SILPasses/devirt_specialized_inherited_interplay.swift
    Swift ::
    Swift :: decl/protocol/req/recursion.swift

  Expected Passes    : 6882
  Expected Failures  : 102
  Unsupported Tests  : 616
  Unexpected Failures: 7
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