[swift-corelibs-dev] Informal Chat Medium

David Hart david at hartbit.com
Wed Aug 2 14:34:14 CDT 2017

Hello Corelibs dev,

A few months back, I wanted to start contributing more seriously to Swift Open Source. I ended up helping out on the Swift Package Manager project and had a very positive experience. It’s not easy to jump into a big project and it would not have been such a success for me without their official Slack channel where I was grateful to often find a helping hand when I had doubts, questions, or wanted to discuss and understand the process or direction of the project. That medium really helped me to ask the kind of questions I was afraid to ask on the mailing-list, which feels like a more formal medium.

Now that I’m looking into what I can do on corelibs-foundation, I really wish an equivalent channel existed. Is this an idea the corelibs team would be interested in entertaining?


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