[swift-corelibs-dev] Swift Encoders on Linux

Tony Parker anthony.parker at apple.com
Tue May 23 10:14:29 CDT 2017

Hi Ankit,

Our intention is to share as much of the implementation as possible. There are some details that need to be worked out around bridging of types like NSNumber (since bridging doesn't exist on Linux we may need to avoid using 'as' in a few places), but in general it could be as easy as copying the files from the Foundation overlay on Darwin into the other project.

We've been focused on getting the last details in place so haven't been able to pursue the rest of this ourselves. If anyone wanted to step up and help us out here, it would be awesome to ship the feature concurrently on Linux. 

- Tony

> On May 23, 2017, at 1:11 AM, Ankit Aggarwal via swift-corelibs-dev <swift-corelibs-dev at swift.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> It looks like SE-0167 is implemented and can be used in the latest macOS snapshot (yay!). Will corelibs-foundation need a completely separate implementation? Is the corelibs-foundation implementation going to be community driven?
> PS: I think these are awesome APIs and the Package Manager will really benefit from SE-0166, SE-0167.
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