[swift-corelibs-dev] swift-corelibs-dev build-script with --foundation is not working for me

Kris Simon kris at ausdertechnik.de
Thu Jan 26 02:57:40 CST 2017


a couple of days ago i ran into swift on linux. The whole thing makes so much sense for us. Developing our tools in swift could be a huge benefit. I am excited to get deeper into swift for linux. 

I build swift on Ubuntu successfully (without errors) from scratch with this options:

./utils/build-script --release --foundation --verbose-build --build-stdlib-deployment-targets all -l -b -p --skip-test-linux --build-swift-static-stdlib --build-swift-static-sdk-overlay --xctest -c

My goal is to have Foundation in static compiled binaries.
As mentioned everything in the build process works fine, but the execution of a simple script as shown below failed.

import Foundation

print("Hello Swift.")
I get the following error:
/bin/swiftc /home/hello.swift -o /home/hello             
/home/hello.swift:1:8: error: no such module 'Foundation'
How to build Swift with the current state of foundation? 
Can you please give me a little kick into the right direction? The web is not very useful in this early state, but i am really want to get into it. 

Thanks a lot, 
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