[swift-corelibs-dev] URLSession test fest!

Tony Parker anthony.parker at apple.com
Tue Jan 24 19:13:41 CST 2017

Hi everyone,

As we’re wrapping up Swift 3.1, I think it’d be a great opportunity to have a quality focus area on one of our most important APIs: URLSession. If you’ve been wondering how to make a meaningful contribution, this is the perfect time.

It’d be great to greatly expand both unit test and higher level test coverage of URLSession. For testing that can’t really be part of a unit test and CI like poorly performing networks or esoteric configurations, it would also be nice to build a different kind of test tool. That tool would provide a lot of knobs for controlling a URLSession. We could make this tool part of the swift-corelibs-foundation project.

Is anyone interested in chipping in here? We don’t have to start big. Even small contributions could get us moving in the right direction.

- Tony

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