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Chris Bailey BAILEYC at uk.ibm.com
Sun Aug 14 06:59:31 CDT 2016

Hi Ryan:

The three failures:

most likely occur because you don't have a /usr/share/dict/words file, 
which you can get by installing something like the wamerican or wbritish 

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(I know that this is not 100% expected to work yet. AND I'm working on
an unsupported distro... but I thought I'd ask).

Trying to build libdispatch on Linux (Arch Linux 4.6.4-1-ARCH). The
build seems to go fine up until the tests. At this point there are 3
failing tests (see the attached test-suite.log).

Two questions:

1. Can someone help me decipher that log to figure out what is going
2. It tells me to report the errors to libdispatch at macosforge.org. Is
that something I really should do?
[attachment "test-suite.log" deleted by Chris Bailey/UK/IBM] 
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