[swift-corelibs-dev] Foundation Renaming Question

Joseph Bell joe at iachieved.it
Sun Jul 3 09:33:01 CDT 2016


I've been building (on Linux) the latest off of master for Swift and the
accompanying swift-corelibs-foundation.  I can see where the great renaming
is in full swing and have been updating my code accordingly.

One area where I'm a bit confused is with the new API for
NotificationCenter and Notification.

In the past bare strings were acceptable for postNotificationName and
addObserverForName.  Yet now constructing a Notification and
Notification.Name seem to be a bit unwieldy.  Example:

let ConnectedNotification    =

That seems to be quite convoluted and I'm not sure why there isn't a
convenience init that allows for

let ConnectedNotification    = Notification(name:"ConnectedNotification")

Then, the APIs for post and observe seem to be mismatched:




I would think an addObserverForNotification would be more appropriate here.

Finally, combining topics a bit, but they are related:

let ConnectedNotification    =
let DisconnectedNotification =

These notifications are for the same API, so I'm assuming I'm "doing this
wrong" and that the more Swifty way would be too put these in a struct or
enum, so I'm curious as to what folks recommend.


Joseph Bell
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