[swift-corelibs-dev] libdispatch/GCD for Swift 3.0 on Linux

Chris Bailey BAILEYC at uk.ibm.com
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FYI, if you want to be able to use the Swift 2.2 APIs for Dispatch, 
there's some instructions on how to build a toolchain with Dispatch 
included here:

The third step uses a fork of Foundation from (based on master from a 
couple of weeks ago) that enables the use of Dispatch by Foundation 
itself, and adds NSURLSession support. If you just want to use Dispatch 
directly, you can ignore that step.

As Dave says, we're working on adding Dispatch into the toolchain on 
Linux, and uplifting it to the new Swift 3.0 APIs - if you want to get 
involved, your definitely welcome!


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Hi Joe,

TL;DR: right now the Swift 3.0 overlay for libdispatch is not available on 

But, a variety of activities are kicking off to get it there.  There 
should be visible progress (and opportunities to help if you are so 
inclined) over the next few weeks.

> While working to convert some NSThread code over to GCD on Linux I 
> noticed that (to my dismay) GCD wasn't included in the Swift 3.0 
> preview build, nor is it apart of the buildbot for Linux.  Scouring 
> through the repository and mailing lists I can see where it is 
> possible to build, but there are no downstream instructions on how 
> to make a line like this:
> let queue = DispatchQueue(label: "com.app.queue") 
> work with the swiftc compiler on Linux.
> A couple of questions:
> * are there any timelines that the principals of GCD with Swift 3 on
> Linux can share; i.e., is the plan to have it included in time for 
> the Swift 3 GA release later this year?

I certainly hope so; but cannot speak for official plans.

> * are there any follow-up instructions past getting it built on how 
> to use it (or will make install DESTDIR place it in the right spots 
> in the Swift 3 toolchain hierarchy?)

I expect when things are done, it will be similar to how building the 
current Swift-2 dispatch overlay works on Linux.  To build from source you 
use swift/utils/build-script with --libdispatch and it takes care of all 
the details (ie, it just works...). 

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