[swift-corelibs-dev] Compilation Error - Which Toolchain

David Hart david.w.hart at me.com
Thu May 19 17:48:49 CDT 2016

Hi people,

Found some time to continue contributing to corelibs, but I’m getting a compilation error with master:

NSGeometry.swift (line 39):
35     private var hash: Int {
36 #if arch(i386) || arch(arm)
37         return Int(Float(self.native).bitPattern)
38 #else
39         return Int(self.native.bitPattern) // Value of type 'NativeType' (aka 'Double') has no member 'bitPattern’
40 #endif
41     }

I’m using the latest development toolchain. Is that correct? I tried building a master toolchain instead but got a failing test.

Any ideas?

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