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> On Feb 10, 2016, at 10:31 PM, Daniel A. Steffen <dsteffen at apple.com>
> having -I /usr/local/include/dispatch doesn’t seem right to me, the
> C header include convention is all <dispatch/*.h> so the dispatch/
> directory itself should not be part of the search path.
> The problem is that to pick up a modulemap / swiftmodule file right
> now in Swift, we need "-I /path/to" where /path/to contains
> "module.modulemap" / "foo.swiftmodule"
> Meanwhile passing "-I /path/to" also will pick up all header files
> in that directory, which here includes "time.h".
> I personally think that behavior (the Swift compiler behavior) is
> wrong to couple these two ideas.  But arguing the compiler is wrong
> is probably above my pay grade.
> Anyway, as long as this is the compiler behavior, we can't have
> "time.h" in the same directory as the modulemap.  So either
> we put swiftmodule / modulemap in /usr/local/include/dispatch and
> headers into /usr/local/include/dispatch/headers
> we put headers in /usr/local/include/dispatch and swiftmodule/
> modulemap into /usr/local/include/dispatch/module
> I don't know which one to do, and I'm bad at wrestling autotools, so
> I'm not sure I can PR.
> I'm working around by arbitrarily picking one of these resolutions
> and shell scripting it as part of my install.

I'm working on changes so that when built with swift/utils/build-script the
pieces of libdispatch get properly placed in the installable Swift package
that is being built.   I think this is actually where we want to get to,
and it avoids needing to pass the -I arguments to swiftc.  When the bits
are placed properly in the Swift install, swiftc is finding them without

I think I'm on track to submit a PR later today.  So far, changes are
confined to in the autotools setup in libdispatch.


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