[swift-corelibs-dev] building libdispatch on El Capitan

Drew Crawford drew at sealedabstract.com
Mon Jan 11 07:07:08 CST 2016

I'm having some trouble building libdispatch on el capitan.  I opened an issue a week ago: https://bugs.swift.org/browse/SR-449

The problem seems to be that os/lock_private.h doesn't exist.  I've searched my whole system for this header, and can not find it in any location.

The installation instructions mention a libplatform <https://github.com/apple/swift-corelibs-libdispatch/blob/master/INSTALL#L90>, I wonder if the header might be in there.  However I cannot actually find any libplatform on opensource.apple.com <http://opensource.apple.com/release/os-x-10112/>.  Not sure if related or a red herring.

If someone can reply here with a configure/make invocation that builds successfully on El Cap I'd be grateful.

Since El Cap *ships* with a libdispatch I wonder if nobody has tried to build from github.  Alternatively I must be missing something obvious, which is entirely possible as I am quite poor with autotools.

Thanks in advance.

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