[swift-corelibs-dev] Packaging Everything for Testing

Joseph Bell joe at iachieved.it
Fri Dec 11 21:13:16 CST 2015


I have been using the SNAPSHOT .tar.gz to write some basic Swift
applications, and now wanted to turn my attention to compiling with the
latest coming out of the corelibs-foundation library.  I understand that to
do so I need to download clang, llvm, swift, and swift-corelibs-foundation
and use the swift/utils/build-script to build everything.

I can do that successfully, but now I have a build/Ninja-ReleaseAssert
directory littered with all manner of artifacts that it's not clear how to
pull together and run with it.  Is there either a packaging tool (creating
the filesystem layout seen in the SNAPSHOT) or sets of exports one uses to
run with a hand-built swift and corelibs?

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