[swift-build-dev] [swift-evolution] SE-0152: Package Manager Tools Version

Martin Waitz tali at admingilde.org
Wed Feb 8 16:37:07 CST 2017

Hello Rick,

thanks again for your time and to explain everything in so much detail! :-)

> Am 08.02.2017 um 18:34 schrieb Rick Ballard <rballard at apple.com>:
> Ultimately, I think no one is thrilled with parsing the Swift tools version out of a comment, but the feedback we've received so far (off-list) has strongly favored that approach, and when we evaluated the tradeoffs vs. the other approaches we considered, it seemed the best.

Yeah, I can follow your argumentation now.
And I don’t really have any better idea.
Thanks for the explanations.

— Martin

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