[swift-build-dev] How to run SPM Tests from generated Xcode proj?

Jose Cheyo Jimenez cheyo at masters3d.com
Thu Dec 15 18:49:40 CST 2016


I am having trouble figuring out how to run the xctests from the Swift Package Manager Package itself.

Some of the tests succeed but the majority fail. Thanks!


Cloned SPM from github
Downloaded latest Swift Tool chain
Generated Xcode project file (Xcode 8.2)
On each target I added a global flag:
Run Tests for SwiftPM. 

177 Tests fail. 

Sample error:

../swift-package-manager/Tests/FunctionalTests/ClangModuleTests.swift: test failure: 
-[ClangModulesTestCase testCUsingCDep()] failed: failed - `swift build -c Debug' failed:

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