[swift-build-dev] Local tool configuration

Marcin Krzyzanowski marcin.krzyzanowski at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 17:59:48 CDT 2016

It does. Thanks, Daniel.

The thing is that if you introduce this dotfile now, it will last forever.

I had this impression that SPM manifest and configuration in Swift is
the desired approach, therefore "properly design mechanisms in the
manifest" is the way to go IMHO. Don't have to be in "final form" but
there. I'd love to be able to specify "-static-stdlib" in
Package.swift for executable and don't put in in README.

then Package.swift.local or (.Package.swift) where it could be added
locally. I don't have strong opinion about naming, though, just don't
feel like I need another json/yaml dotfile in context of SPM.

Maybe we don't need another dotfile (maybe we do).

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