[swift-build-dev] Local tool configuration

Marcin Krzyzanowski marcin.krzyzanowski at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 17:35:06 CDT 2016

This is interesting and I'm happy you rise it here.
So if I have case where I want something like this:

$ swift build -c release -Xswiftc -static-stdlib

then I add something like this to .swiftpm:

and there will be no way to make this parameter public via
Package.swift for every build when released?
In general I think it's good idea to have such local file that add
specific paths etc. though, I feel that we should have this mechanism
as part of manifest file too (Local override manifest setup).

btw. maybe Package.swift.local and have it all there?


On Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 6:27 PM, Daniel Dunbar via swift-build-dev
<swift-build-dev at swift.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have a need for local tool (swift build, swift package) configuration data to be able to be present in a repository. Currently, many projects *require* some amount of `-Xcc` or `-Xswiftc` arguments be passed to the tools, and are documenting this in their README files. This is lame... we should support a mechanism by which that data can live inside the project repository.
> I *do not* think we should put this data in the manifest -- the manifest should aim to have a good schema for all of the things a package requires. However, we need a stop gap solution to make the package manager easier to use.
> I would like to propose that we invent some simple mechanism by which:
> 1. Local configuration data can live in a checked in location, like `.swiftpm-config`. This would be a simple JSON file with a limited number of options, starting with the -Xcc & -Xswiftc ones.
> 2. User local configuration data could live in `.swiftpm-config.local`. This would usually be put in .gitignore.
> 3. The command line tool would use these by default, but with have `--no-config` style options for testing without it. It could also have a `--package-config path/to/config` option to use a different config.
> 4. We would eventually add `git config` like options under `swift package config`.
> 5. We would never inherit this data across a package dependency. This is not intended to be a long term solution for how we manage this problem, it is just intended to be something which makes the tool more usable *today*, and thus lets us focus on the bigger problems without ignoring this pain point.
> 6. As with Git, we would eventually support ~/.swiftpm-config
> What do others think?
>  - Daniel
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