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I am proposing some improvements to the test naming conventions, along with clarified semantics.  You can find it here, and the current text is also included in this email:  https://github.com/abertelrud/swift-evolution/blob/master/proposals/NNNN-package-manager-test-naming-conventions.md

I would welcome any feedback.



Package Manager Test Naming Conventions

Proposal: SE-NNNN <https://github.com/abertelrud/swift-evolution/blob/master/proposals/NNNN-package-manager-test-naming-conventions.md>
Author: Anders Bertelrud <https://github.com/abertelrud>
Status: Awaiting review
Review manager: TBD

The Swift Package Manager uses a convention-based rather than a declarative approach for various aspects of package configuration. This is as true of the naming and structure of tests as of other kinds of targets.

However, the current conventions are somewhat inconsistent and unintuitive, and they also do not provide enough flexibility. This proposal seeks to address these problems through updated conventions.


 <https://github.com/abertelrud/swift-evolution/tree/master/proposals#predictability-of-test-target-names>Predictability of test target names

Module names for test targets are currently formed by appending the suffix TestSuite to the name of the corresponding directory under the top-level Tests directory in the package.

This makes it non-obvious to know what name to pass to swift package test in order to run just one set of tests. This is also the case for any other context in which the module name is needed.

 <https://github.com/abertelrud/swift-evolution/tree/master/proposals#ability-to-declare-test-target-dependencies>Ability to declare test target dependencies

The way in which the test module name is formed also makes it difficult to add target dependencies that specify the name of the test. This makes it hard to make a test depend on a library, such as a helper library containing shared code for use by the tests.

Another consequence of unconditionally appending a TestSuite suffix to every module under the Tests directory is that it becomes impossible to add modules under Tests that define helper libraries for use only by tests.

 <https://github.com/abertelrud/swift-evolution/tree/master/proposals#reportability-of-errors>Reportability of errors

In order for error messages to be understandable and actionable, they should refer to names the user can see and control. Also, the naming convention needs to have a reliable way of determining user intent so that error messages can be made as clear as possible.

 <https://github.com/abertelrud/swift-evolution/tree/master/proposals#proposed-solution>Proposed solution

The essence of the proposed solution is to make the naming of tests be more predictable and more under the package author's control. This is achieved in part by simplifying the naming conventions, and in part by reducing the number of differences between the conventions for the the Tests and the Sources top-level directories.

First, the naming convention will be changed so a module will be considered a test if it:

is located under the Tests directory
has a name that ends with Tests
A future proposal may want to loosen the restriction so that tests can also be located under Sources, if we feel that there is any use for that. As part of this proposal, SwiftPM will emit an error for any tests located under Sources.

Allowing non-test targets under the Tests directory will unblock future improvements to allow test-only libraries to be located there. It will also unblock the potential to support test executables in the future, though this proposal does not specifically address that.

Like any other target, a test will be able to be mentioned in a dependency declaration. As a convenience, if there is a target named Foo and a test target named FooTests, a dependency between the two will be automatically established.

It will still be allowed to have a FooTests test without a corresponding Foo source module. This can be useful for integration tests or for fixtures, etc.

 <https://github.com/abertelrud/swift-evolution/tree/master/proposals#detailed-design>Detailed design

Change the naming conventions so that a module will be considered a test if it:

is located under the top-level Tests directory, and
has a name that ends with Tests
Allow a target dependency to refer to the name of a test target, which will allow package authors to create dependencies between tests and libraries.

Add an implicit dependency between any test target a non-test target that has the same name but without the Testssuffix.

For now, make it an error to have executables or libraries under Tests (for technical reasons, a LinuxMain.swiftsource file is permitted, and indeed expected, under the Tests top-level directory). The intent is to loosen this restriction in a future proposal, to allow test-specific libraries and test executables under Tests.

For now, make it an error to have tests under Sources. We may loosen this this restriction at some point, but would need to define what it would mean from a conceptual point of view to have tests under Sources instead of Tests.

Improve error reporting to reflect the new conventions. This includes adding more checks, and also auditing all the error messages relating to testing to see if there is more information that should be displayed.

 <https://github.com/abertelrud/swift-evolution/tree/master/proposals#impact-on-existing-code>Impact on existing code

The change in naming conventions does mean that any module under the top-level Tests directory whose name ends with the suffix Tests will be considered a test module. The fact that this proposal does not involve allowing tests to be located under Sources, and the fact that any module under Tests already had an unconditional TestSuite suffix string appended, makes it unlikely that any current non-test module under Tests would suddenly be considered a test.

Any module with a Tests suffix under Sources would need to be renamed.

Any current package that refers to a test module using a TestSuite suffix will need to be changed.

 <https://github.com/abertelrud/swift-evolution/tree/master/proposals#alternatives-considered>Alternatives considered

An alternative that was considered was to enhance the PackageDescription API to let package authors explicitly tag targets as tests. While we might still want to add this for cases in which the author doesn't want to use any of the naming conventions, we don't want such an API to be the only way to specify tests.
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