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Ankit Agarwal ankit at ankit.im
Tue May 10 03:31:05 CDT 2016

+1 to spm or swiftpm (in that order)
As a swiftpm user I would imagine it works like :
spm -> builds
spm test -> runs tests
spm init -> new project

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> > Hello Swift community,
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> > The review of "SE-0085: Package Manager Command Names" begins now and
> runs through May 12. The proposal is available here:
> >
> >
> https://github.com/apple/swift-evolution/blob/master/proposals/0085-package-manager-command-name.md
> >
> Hi,
> I like this proposal a lot as the functionality switches to swift build
> feel like bolt-ons and we're already up to four of these, so it's probably
> not sustainable long term as SPM evolves.
> I'm not totally sold on `swift package` as the new command though as
> "package" is an imperative verb like "build" or "test" and implies that if
> I run it, then it will generate a "package" whereas it will actually do
> nothing as an additional switch will be required. This requirement to
> always take a second sub-command makes it different from `swift build` and
> `swift test` too. Are there any commands to `swift` current that require a
> sub-command to work?
> Maybe it would be better for the package manager to be separate from the
> swift command?  If separate, the obvious name would be `spm` as that's what
> we all call it anyway. `swiftpm` as noted in the alternatives section would
> also work. If we have to have it as a subcommand of `swift` then, I'd
> rather have `swift pm` as that way the command is obviously the third word
> in `swift pm init`.
> I would also prefer to remove the subcommand flags from `swift build` at
> the same time as when this change lands rather than delayed. That way it
> all happens in one go rather than as two stages which means only one
> announcement point is needed. The band-aid has to be ripped off at some
> point as `swift build --init` won't work in v3, so better for it to be gone
> before new developers find it during when downloading the preview released
> and then have to learn the new way.
> Finally, having raised my concerns, I'd like to emphasise that I'm very
> much in favour of this proposal and would prefer it to be accepted as-is
> rather than be rejected as I really dislike the current sub-command flags
> to `swift build`!
> Regards,
> Rob...
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