[swift-build-dev] [build debug.yaml] The changes occurred by executing the "quote" method

Martha JP jpmartha.jp at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 02:23:05 CDT 2016

Hi, I'm JPMartha.

Can I ask about the following implementation?

The reason why I ask about that I can't build the SwiftPM itself with the
bootstrap script these days.
  - https://github.com/apple/swift-package-manager#development (2)

When I try to build itself, the following error occurs.

## Error
/swift-package-manager/.build/debug.yaml:7:1: error: unexpected trailing
top-level section
default: main
<unknown>:0: error: unable to load build file
error: exit(1):
/Users/.../swift-package-manager/.build/debug/swift-build-tool -f

## Environment
  - swift-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-04-12
  - OS X 10.11.4

I thought I had made a mistake, so I was checking the SwiftPM in my

But, I have concern about the current implementation.

Please see my debug.yaml.

  test: [<Build.testsuite.module>, <Functional.testsuite.module>,
<Get.testsuite.module>, <ManifestParser.testsuite.module>,
<OptionsParser.testsuite.module>, <PackageDescription.testsuite.module>,
<PackageType.testsuite.module>, <Transmute.testsuite.module>,
<Utility.testsuite.module>, <Xcodeproj.testsuite.module>, <SwiftPM.test>]
  main: [<Build.module>, <Get.module>, <libc.module>,
<ManifestParser.module>, <Multitool.module>, <OptionsParser.module>,
<PackageDescription.module>, <PackageType.module>, <POSIX.module>,
"<swift-build.module>", "<swift-test.module>", <Transmute.module>,
<Utility.module>, <Xcodeproj.module>, "<swift-build.exe>",
"<swift-test.exe>", <PackageDescription.dylib>]

I guess the following changes are occurred by executing the "quote" method.

## Before the change:
<swift-build.module>, <swift-test.module>, <swift-build.exe>,

## After the change:
"<swift-build.module>", "<swift-test.module>", "<swift-build.exe>",

But, I cannot confirm that because I cannot run the bootstrap script.

I'm really sorry if I got the wrong idea.

Best regards,
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