[swift-build-dev] protocol for third-party testing frameworks

Brian Pratt brian at pratt.io
Thu Mar 17 12:08:31 CDT 2016

Ah! Sorry, that word choice ("distributed") was probably misleading. I'm definitely not concerned about the sources being distributed -- moreso about being able to have finer-grained control over what gets built and what doesn't.

Right now I have two choices:
- define a target (and have it be built when someone lists my package as a dependency)
- exclude the target, and never have it be built at all by SwiftPM

I'd like a middle-ground where I can define targets that are *only* built in the development context, link them with test dependencies, and then build only targets that I choose to make available when someone depends on the package.

Brian Pratt

On March 17, 2016 at 11:53:01 AM, Max Howell (max.howell at apple.com) wrote:

Hey folks,

I think from my perspective SwiftPM could solve this problem by simply allowing me to define and build targets that aren't going to be included in the distributed package. Maybe a field like `testTargets` or something that allows the author downstream to link `testDependencies`?

SwiftPM is great as a package manager, but for a lot of my most common development workflows, it falls short because of this limitation -- I can't use it to build things that I don't mean to distribute as part of the package.

Can you refine your request a little?

I don’t quite understand because: everything is distributed in the package, because the package is sources.

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