[swift-build-dev] [swift-dev] Right list?

Max Howell max.howell at apple.com
Fri Feb 26 12:47:30 CST 2016

> I’d imagine a package declaration that looks something like this:
> import PackageDescription
> let package = Package(
>     name:   "SwiftString"
>     origin: "org.sadun”
> )
I imagined not needing the origin, since a package has a URL.

A package’s URL is its unique ID.

Now I am aware that the manifest does not include its URL, so there is potential for badness here, so perhaps we should insist that the URL is in the Manifest.

I haven’t got all my rationale in a concrete form yet, but I’d rather that the URL is the ID and it is the responsibility of the package author to keep the URL accurate. Much like the web. People delete things on the web, they move things on the web. It is the responsibility of the tooling and the community to work around that.

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