[swift-build-dev] Swift development workflow

Phat le tan ltanphat at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 09:17:21 CST 2016

My "swift --version" is:
"Apple Swift version 2.2-dev (LLVM 3ebdbb2c7e, Clang f66c5bb67b, Swift
Target: x86_64-apple-macosx10.9 "

I made change on: "swiftpm/Sources/swift-build/main.swift" which change s
line 106 to: print("Apple Swift Package Manager 0.2")

I ran "swift/utils/build-script --swiftpm --llbuild" successfully but when
I ran command: "swift build --version"
I still got: Apple Swift Package Manager 0.1

Can you share the workflow for making changes, debug swiftpm project?

Phat Le
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