[swift-build-dev] Building a Swift package containing a module.modulemap and C files

Ricardo N Olivieri ricardo.olivieri at us.ibm.com
Wed Jan 20 11:03:38 CST 2016


At this point in time, the Swift PM doesn’t handle C code. And though 
Swift PM’s goal is not probably to compile C code, we are wondering about 
the following scenario: A swift package that consists of the expected 
Package.swift file, a module.modulemap file, and C files. In a situation 
like this, the Swift package cannot be compiled by the Swift PM.

A possible solution for this could be to have an indication that the C 
code present in the package should be compiled with the C compiler and a 
way to specify what flags should be passed to the C compiler. For example, 
the Package.swift file could include a directive to kick off a Ninja or 
Makefile that is then responsible for compiling and linking the C code.  

Is this something that would or could be considered to be within scope of 
the Swift PM? 

   Ricardo Olivieri
   Software Engineer

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