[swift-build-dev] Customizing location of source directory

Misha Manulis michael at manulis.com
Tue Dec 22 16:26:11 CST 2015


I'm working on a patch to make the location of the sources configurable.

I'd like to separate the work out into two separate patches.  The first
patch will allow changing the default path to a custom one.  The second
patch will allow adding multiple source directories.

The reason for this is that there are existing packages that use Cocoapods
or Carthage and have their source placed in various folders that are not
named as the default ones in package manager.  For example,
https://github.com/izqui/Taylor, is a small webserver package that placed
it's sources in Taylor/ directory.

If I can pass in a custom sources location to the package manager, I can
add support for this package quite easily.

I wanted to ask the group some questions about this effort:

First of, is this something that you would support?

Second, looking at the code, its seems like the changes are needed only in
the package manager, is that correct?

Lastly, anything I should watch out for as I'm working through this?

Thank you,

Misha Manulis
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