[swift-build-dev] Hello SPM

Max Howell max.howell at apple.com
Mon Dec 7 12:14:57 CST 2015

> One of our other core team members (Boris Bügling) has already started on a Swift tool to generate CocoaPods specifications from SPM specifications: https://github.com/neonichu/Chocolat. Some metadata that we deem important, at least in our centralised service, is missing from SPM specifications: https://github.com/neonichu/Chocolat/issues/2. One of those is a license, which you already mention in your docs as something you’d be interested in looking into, the other is a description of the library, which you might also need if/when you’d ever build an index, adding these sooner rather than later would make it much easier for Boris’ tool to work perfect.

I intend to have swift-build output a file list as an optional instantiation. That and a target list. Presumably things like that would help here so I’ll try and knock it out some evening.

WRT to licensing, I think we intend to move pretty quickly on adding this aspect to Package.swift.

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